Audio visual piece at Ephémère

Me and Cedric Dupire will perform a new audio visual piece for the June edition of Ephémère.

This will be last edition of this years Ephémère series.

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Verlat at Tectonics

I will diffuse a new 8-channel piece, 'Verlat' at the Tectonics festival in Reykjavík. I will be playing on the Saturday evening. Other artists include Alvin Lucier, Dumitrescu/Avram, Grouper and many others.

"Verlat is a 22 minute electroacoustic piece reflecting on different relationships of whole to part. It is composed in 2014 for an 8-channel immersive sound environment."

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Einóma at bi.pola.re

Einóma will be playing at bi.pola.re festival in Toulouse, France. The performance will be in 6 channels with and features a great deal of new material.

"Einóma est une collaboration entre deux musiciens et compositeurs islandais, Bjarni Gunnarsson et Steindór Kristinsson . Après avoir sorti deux albums acclamés ainsi que divers 12 ", remixes et compilation, le duo a récemment mis l'accent sur le live , la création musicale dont les premières impressions peuvent être trouvées sur les dernières releases 'Tvenna ' et Lost & Found '.
Einóma fera un live en spatialisation sonore"

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Einóma at Sónar Reykjavík

Einóma will be playing at Sónar Reykjavík. The festival is on the 13th.14th.15th February 2014. We will play late evening on the 15th. Other artists include James Holden, Jon Hopkins, Sachiko M, Ryuichi Sakamoto & Taylor Deupree + many more.

Sónar Reykjavík takes place at one of Europe's most unique concert venues: Harpa.

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Einóma mix on Secret Thirteen

“Secret Thirteen Mix 096” is a many-layer and flexible audio collage that smoothly creates a continuous listening experience. The mix contains 43 magnificent pieces released between 1963 and 2012. These tracks influenced Einóma’s past production and indirectly shows their present musical intentions. The fact that such large amount of tracks are played in 1 hour perspective is quite impressive. According to the authors, there are parts where even 3-4 tracks are playing at the time and occasionally creating a sense that you hear semi-remixes, as when different compositions are merged together they slightly change their initial tonality, frequency and consistency. How tracks are thoughtfully stretched or compressed, cut, manipulated and synchronized together to form completely new sound architectures also could be heard."

"The way how Einóma develops recording’s tension, obscure emotional background’s aura and collision between sometimes even eclectic works is more than striking and clearly shows their longevous musical knowledge and experience. The basis of this mobile mix stands on the cathedral ambiance, cinematic melodic arrangements, pulsatory and very embossed rhythm layers that are related to techno and glitch music styles. A great pleiad of such notable artists as Ryoji Ikeda, Plastikman, Pan Sonic, Bohren & der Club of Gore, KTL, Senking and such authoritative composers as Bernard Parmegiani, Luigi Nono, Giacinto Scelsi, Karlheinz Stockhausen should immediately direct each inquisitive listener to what this mix should be all about: timeless expression of style, sophistication, tradition and progress. Einóma’s previously unreleased music fragments and solo works were also used in this mix."



New album, 'Processes & Potentials'

Processes and Potentials

Out on 3LEAVES on the 01.10.2013.

Processes & Potentials [3LEAVES 01.10.2013]

01 - Aukera
02 - Portholes
03 - Momentaries
04 - Signac
05 - Concomittance
06 - Pedicel

Music by Bjarni Gunnarsson
Mastering by Erik Nyström

Images by Cedric Dupire, taken from the book "génocide de fourmis" published by "éditions sans permission" in 2012
Artwork by Ákos Garai



Einóma will be playing at Kaffibarinn, at the Extreme Chill night on the 05.06.2013

Einóma at Kaffibarinn

Live performance at the 'digital is dead' festival.

Processes and Potentials

A live set in the gallery of modern art in Oxford, UK.

May 2nd 8pm
Mountains, US // Thrill Jockey
Tim Hecker, CA // Kranky

May 3rd 8pm
Bjarni Gunnarsson, IS // lamadameaveclechien
BJ Nilsen, SE // Touch

May 4th 1pm
Oval lecture & in conversation with Anne Hilde Neset @ Ertegun House

May 4th 8pm
Simon Scott, UK // 12K
Ex-Easter Island Head, UK // Low Point
Oval, DE // Mille Plateaux

More info here http://digitalisdead.org/


'Día de mucho, víspera de nada', version radiophonic on France Culture

Día de mucho, víspera de nada

Listen direct : http://www.franceculture.fr/player
Podcast : http://www.franceculture.fr/emission-l-atelier-de-la-creation-dia-de-mucho-vispera-de-nada-2013-04-16

Réalisation : Isabelle Yhuel
Direction artistique : Céleste Germe
Texte : Jacques Albert
Avec les voix de Maëlys Ricordeau et Jacques Albert
Composition sonore : Jacob Stambach et Bjarni Gunnarsson
Prise de son et mixage : Philippe Palarès

“Le vent est tombé, je crie Hélène je continue à crier pendant une bonne dizaine de minutes sans m’interrompre pour reprendre mon souffle, une sirène un phare un point de ralliement une ancre une alarme” Laponie suédoise. On marche pour le plaisir avec des skis et une pulka. Hélène et Jean s’aiment et se le montrent. Puis, le monde s’éloigne, s’estompe, dans le blanc du blizzard et dans la tempête, dans la folie. Avec Día de mucho, víspera de nada, Das Plateau - collectif de théâtre contemporain - propose une divagation sonore, une zone de doute ou de frottement, entre fiction dramatique et abstraction lyrique.


Fallacies at 'Composing Spaces' symposium

Grey Seeds

"Music for loudspeakers in the concert hall will be covered during a five-day symposium at the Institute of Sonology with lectures, discussions, workshops and concerts. A number of different systems for spatial reproduction of electro-acoustic music such as the WFS system from The Game of Life, and the Acousmonium from GRM will be set up in the in de Arnold Schönbergzaal. As well as fixed media and live compositions, sound art and field recordings by students and componisers of the present generation, there will be works including those of Jan Boerman, Luigi Nono and Iannis Xenakis on the programme."

My piece 'Fallacies' with Miguel Negrão will be diffused in the WFS system on the Thursday night.


Grey Seeds at LUFF

Grey Seeds "The physical imprint of nature in images and sound provides an astonishing microcosm."

The film 'Grey Seeds' by Cédric Dupire and me will be presented at LUFF, the Lausanne underground film & music festival.

It will take part in the short film competition and shown in Cinéma Oblò at 18:10 and 20.10 on the 18th of October.

LUFF, is a film festival and music festival devoted to underground film and music. It is held each year in Lausanne, Switzerland. The festival rests on a not-for-profit group with an artistic mission. The primary goal of the LUFF is to present films that are generally unknown to the mainstream public, often experimental films. Films are screened during the day and evening, followed by live events featuring experimental music at night.


Acoustic Aclhemy in London

Acousmatic concert at City University

Bernard Parmegiani - 'La Roue Ferris' (10’40’’)
Marie Guilleray & Bjarni Gunnarsson - 'L'imaginaire du Parleur' (8 channels, 12’36’’)
Erik Nyström - 'Lucent Voids' (8 channels, 20'00")


Georgia Rodgers - 'Make it Snappy' (6'30")
Peiman Khosravi - 'Vertex' (6 channels, 15'00")

Performance Space, College Building, City University London, St John Street, EC1V 4PB


MGBG Studio Loos presentation

Presentation of work made during a week-long residency at Loos where the idea was to explore a live aspect of our collaboration with voice and electronics but also in other configurations.

Some music of our recent album Korabie will also be featured as well as solo work from both created especially for this occasion.

Studio Loos Residencies


Einóma @ Todays Art

Einóma will play at the Todays Art festival on Saturday 22 September at 01:15~02:15 in the Lucent Danstheater, Den Haag.

TodaysArt is a festival concept that revolves around the presentation and development of adventurous contemporary visual and performing arts.

"On 21 and 22 September, over 100 international acts and artists will converge in the city center of The Hague to treat the visitors to large-scale projects, world premieres and compelling acts and exhibitions that will flow together into an adventurous and unforgettable experience. From electronic music and club nights to interactive installations, from audiovisual modern dance to neo-classical concerts, from contemporary media art from Turkey to a 3-day symposium on art and society, TodaysArt is all about a voyage of discovery through the latest work and thoughts of groundbreaking contemporary thinkers."


Lecture at UNM 2012

I will be giving a lecture at the UNM music festival, a festival of young Nordic composers which will be held in Reykjavík 28th of August – 1st of September 2012.

This year’s festival is dedicated to Music Innovation where Lectures and Workshops on the topic of innovation in instrumentation and performance are held during the festival.

My talk will focus on strategies for composing real-time electronic music. It is motivated by an interest in problems concerning the interaction and relationships between materials and processes and their influence on development and form. Different processes create musical compositions and an associative approach will be discussed where the aim is to relate these various aspects. A compositional environment implementing these ideas will be introduced along with a discussion of music inspired by them.


Competition Destellos

My piece 'Aukera' has been nominated by the Grand Jury of the Competition Destellos 2012.

The competition, created by initiative of Dr. Elsa Justel, has as main objectives to stimulate creators and promote one of the most representative musical expressions of our time.

The members of the jury were: Trevor Wishart (UK), Luigi Ceccarelli (it), Elizabeth Hoffman (UE), Luis Naon (AR-fr), José Manuel Berenguer (Spain), Eric Broitman and Vincent Laubeuf (Motus-France).


LMALC compilation

New LMALC compilation released with works by Me & Jaike Stambach, Einóma and many others.

"After 2 years of obscure activity, Belgiums Lamadameaveclechien imprint is back with an outstanding compilation of rather gloomy tracks from former LMALC artists and new projects that emerged around the same people. Most of the tracks are choosen and compiled out of older material which has been sent to the label between 2002 and 2011. Stricly limited to 225 copies with unique handmade artwork, the tape comes along with a download voucher."

DOG010 / V.A. - Soundtrack to the End of the World


'O Sal Da Lua' at the Côté court festival

The film 'O Sal Da Lua, A outra experiência' by Cédric Dupire and Cristiana Miranda will be screened at the Côté court festival in the competition of 'Expérimental – Essai – Art vidéo'.

The music in the film was composed by me and has been nominated for the SACEM price for the best original soundtrack.

The festival will take place at the Ciné 104 space in Pantin et en Seine-Saint-Denis, Paris from the 6 to 16 of June.


'Fallacies' in Sonar, Barcelona

The WFS system in Sonar

The Wave Field Synthesis system will be shown in the 2012 Sonar Festival in Barcelona from the 14th to 16th of June.

It will reside at the MACBA museum during Sonar. The piece 'Fallacies' by me and Miguel Negrão will be played as well as pieces by Trevor Wishart, Ji Youn Kang, Erik Nystrom, Barbara Ellison, Iannis Xenakis and others.

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